Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Gift from Husband

             Since I mention here, few days ago I'd already open my  christmas present earlier from husband. I am not going to expect no more gift to come because Santa already give, lol. That was me, can't wait in Christmas eve  but I have chance to help open gift for my daughter... that's the way it is...:-)
             I absolutely love this perfume smell.  this scent " it's like no other"  that's how I can explain about it, So fresh and clean.  I went to department store several time and keep searching this scent and finally got it now. $ 66 set.....

Purse & coat from Tj maxx We went so many-time shopping there. I know, all this price cause he didn't take the tag off. actually, feel guilty a lot because I can see how much he spend for myself only in this christmas. 

Purse: $ 39:99
coat: $ 40:99- isn't yet include a tax

Btw It's adorable gift I got from him and I definitely wear it everyday especially in winter. Medium size coat is so comfy and warm. the floral inside its so attractive. 

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