Thursday, December 1, 2011


Just a quick post today! This is stuff that I've been using in autumn.  Some stuff that I don't  like is super color ( concealer from maybelline), costal scent eye-shadow base- this two things is   get my skin dry up and the worst I discover they are both pricey compare other stuff in picture but at least I know it now.

                       I am very poor starting collecting make up, first things in my mind I should start in small amount and that doesn't hurt my saving allowance. but I will think to purchase another lip therapy, loreal lipsticks, elf concealer,  estee lauder mascara because they are work well to me.

I am not a make up artist but one day, I had fun myself to learn to put some make up for autumn day and it is the only result I like. and maybe more later if I could try again.  

My favorite nail polish in autumn. both nice color and from the drugstore they are the cheapest one but work great....
Day and night facial cream- I need them because my skin is super dry...
                                                 this is eye-cream  my favorite one.
                                                           Make up remover

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