Friday, December 23, 2011

you knocked my socks off

           Hi all, almost Christmas.

              My kindergarten learn a christmas song ( tell me what a Christmas color is Red and Green)
and ( you better watch out and better not cry, better not pout I telling you why  santa clause is coming to town) It's really cute to listen her voice.  she does sing too  for everyone and family love to hearing it.
              Actually, suppose to be to open the present in Christmas eve and that's tomorrow but my daughter can't wait and she opened few gift that she got from daddy. and we let her to open a couple of them
                 * A tinker-bell * she pick  the blanket color  and I thought she like ticker-bell and were glad two gift she opened, make her smile and happy.. She say, Daddy and Mommy- you knocked my socks off. it's mean- great/amazing.
                  * Lava Lamp* such a surprise things as a good entertainment . tonight, my husband and my daughter are had a fun together watching it while I blogging and face-booking, loll.   meanly were enjoying seeing every changing the lava lamp is pink color.

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