Thursday, December 29, 2011

new year soon

Deep Cleaning our house in two and half days. when were facing 2012 I wanted every  things around is neat and organize. actually this job is never end, worked over and over again But at least, I learn my  lesson ( always be happy).  I want my stress out before entering new year That's why my husband decide immediately to drive 5 hours trip to Louisiana for visiting our friend there. 

:Few list of my new year resolution:

* Clean house and organize
* both  Car/truck always clean and fresh
* work hard and Saving money for house plan ( Maybe 4 years saving for it)and  Canon digital camera HD,  ( I don't know yet but it is include for my saving in future) so hoping someday, somehow
* start exercise and eat healthy food
* Start listing for grocery shopping
* go back to school 
* Ect ( what ever it takes, I will try to do it a change a tiny bit of me especially a bad habit I wanted to erase it but with God guide because his our provider).

Best Present I always had my family.
                                                 I got a present from my step-daughter were been waiting her to come home sometimes during holiday. were barely seeing her because  she's student working and Married.

                               Paula and Dennis-  our nice neighbor... Its been four years to know them since I get in united state. They are such a lovely couple...

the school secretary who give this present to me. I guess, she knows asian like a bamboo stuff, lol. she sweet and nice. every day in work I seen her laughing. 
 every year in christmas I made a calendar for her. my mother (in-law) love it that the most  her favorite present. She give me a birthday stone earring and money for shopping but I choice to give it to hubby so additional for saving.
I know, I got so many-things from christmas .... and I am blessed to have a such a nice family and friend :-0 thanks God...
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