Saturday, August 20, 2011


                     At last, done a dental appointment. It's been a long months not visited since over a year now.  I feel shamed to my dentist she took a 30 minutes to clean my teeth. :-( and got 6 months for another dental appointment now so I don't wanna miss it again....

                     I found a new things to keep me busy tele-series from Australia I'll been watching it since in a couple days now H2O  Just add water- a name of  teen tele-series about a mermaid best friend.. So Just check it out in your netflix site. it still available.. maybe, you might like it.
I like this site, we been connected in a long time, almost about 4 years if I am not mistaken since april 2008. I can watch instantly Just add from computer then you can watch through your big screen Tv or browse DVD'S and they will send it to you through your mail. Very easy to browsing, my five years old daughter knows how to operate already in computer. she can watch easily, like today she does watching a tangle disney movie.

Netflix site so very useful to me I can find a new movie that to keep me busy being bored especially sometimes if by myself in the house. hate being bored, DO YOU?

We postpone shopping today. hubby decide to cook Stew for dinner with our friend & Next door neighbor. they will be here in around 6 o'clock   I am so glad not going shopping since so hot out there and feel tired from work too. we had a good dinner, my sweet husband cook food delicious.. I got best talented man. :-)

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