Friday, August 26, 2011

For Fun, I guess.

I have off work today. didn't bother to get pay check but because I stay in home with my daughter sick, coughing and running nose. she got fever this morning and that's why we decide to call the school teacher and they said, she's not only one. some kids in school is usual to catch from other. Well, she gonna sleep with me tonight. since we promise her if she done a good job in school she will get a good price and she choose to sleep with mama. 

I am not perfectly good in make up, nail polish but happy to know about to learn & experimenting new things. 

Sally Hasen with crackle O.P.I

Maybelline  new york, Nail Polish express finish ( 330). Sunset Prisms. and magazines for month of august.

Masque Peeling- I found it in store from Kroger. I bought 10 ml, a cucumber for anti stress. It is really works well  and fun too. advisable  to use is Just once a week for my face and neck. here's photo of my neck from using this Peel, look was scary. 

I bought this time a 150 ml from walmart and worth  of $3:99.  It will last long to use it for one person, lol. Love it......

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