Sunday, August 21, 2011

My husband noticed that I have a bunch magazines stuff in closet. this magazines since 2008 stock. So the following day, I cleaned up the closet and get ride over it
Body Central
Victoria Secret
All this websites. I was discover to order online with husband permission, lol..

I am the one who love searching online sales but it's also depend the budget too and financial. the other day, I fall-in-love this satchel and chestnut color from alloy and that was sales $16 w/ coupon and total w/ $6 for shipping fee- is $22.

Down below, my lovely daughter. she love everything what I got

I bought my winter Jacket from consignment store. how lucky I am first to grab this  stuff.  there girl still  interesting and waiting for me to put back  but hubby said, the jacket fit on you..I said to them, I am sorry I like it......the camera picture, isn't pretty but actually, feel so soft and comfy I am excited for the winter season to wear it....

 Lunch bag, sock, shoes for her school stuff. She's happy that we bought this things today and tomorrow she will going back to school.
this is my shoes favorite to work.... I wore it many-times about 8 months old......

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