Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy with in my heart

What a Busy weekend for preparing school stuff. This year my daughter going a kindergarten. I know, everyone excited for the first day of school.  We already submit all her stuff and met her teacher in person.  And also here, food that We enjoyed this couple of days, our place is kind a changing weather sometimes hot, sometimes bad stormy, strong wind w/rain. that's a mother nature, you can't control it.

Noodle Soup with Veggies

In two days ago,  I was talked my mother through electronic phone. She have land what she wanted to buy about a haft nectar and amount of 60,000 piso In $ 1,500...I am quit shy to my husband because he had many bills to pay in house and still his son in college So was tried to tell him about this land and I was also interesting because that land is also next to my family in island.  He didn't disappoint me, he answer me Yes in just a second,  he did send a money of amount for land.

Pancit Cantoon with Veggies.
This noodle is really common in asia. I love noodle soup, pancit cantoon, any rice noodle is my favorite since I was kid. I am in state but no no homesick about food. Just two hours trip to go asian store. We went there sometimes for food grocery, like when in winter you can't easily road trip coz road is slippery so during in fall stock up thing that all you need. 
carne norte & long beans 

Gross looking but it is delicious seriously, I am not picky any food as long is  boiling really good of water.

Ice cream with Stick waffle

Fish, made in thailand Sardines.

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