Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of School

                              I was hurry to drive on the way to pick my daughter in school this afternoon:-) Wanna hear all about her 1s't day,   when they come out from class room, Saw her happy and I am one proud momma.  The First Big day of my daughter in kindergarten.  I know how she so excited, my husband took her in school in the morning and here got some photo with her new friend. finally Fix the schedule   because I have work start in 7 o'clock, So only husband can take her in school then I am the one who pick her up in afternoon.    Can't imagine my daughter is in kindergarten now,  I thought Just like yesterday, holding this a precious girl in my arms but now  my baby girl is growing so fast . 

Aug 15, 2011- 7: 30 a.m

She & her new school friend.

this make up purse from my Mother-in-law that she give to her as a toys....

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