Monday, August 22, 2011

Melt Away Mints, M&M chocolate candy, hubby does like this stuff. last-night, he went sneaking to kitchen. he think no one discover & My daughter ask him WHAT YOU DOING DADDY?

          I know what happen then So I told them both, to go brush a teeth before went down to bed..... every grocery shopping she/ he never forget a SWEET thing from store

   My mother-in-law homemade cooked: she invite me to come over in her house for cooking day but I told her that I still feel uncomfy driving by myself especially in intersection highway 80 to 90 speed. I don't want to get a ticket, lol.....  anyway, I have to do thing need to be done today while hubby & daughter in school  and spend one dayoff

I totally forgot to put water bottle in her backpack. hope she doing well today in school... today is her PE & MUSIC both she love it....

Hubby was cooked stew and was so delicious. 
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