Friday, January 31, 2014

Broccoli in My Head.

 Hi lovelies, 
        what a gloomy here lately. The weather condition is always changes a lot, which is so annoying especially when it wind and below freezing together. This is has been the worse cold that I ever tried. Hoping to finish this up pretty soon. Anyhow, today is the last day of January and the first month of 2014 goes that fast to me. Since, I took a classes and working mom. The schedule makes me so busy.

        I have not notice I ate too much broccoli and I did cooked twice in a row this week for dinner. when i was at restaurant ordering scallop, shrimp with broccoli. My husband asked if i ever get tired eating broccoli.I said, seems its okay and healthy. My daughter favorite French fries dipping with ketchup and she make smiley face with her meat. Happy weekend everyone

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