Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve Party

             Here’s the photo’s from New Years Eve party.  Were got invited the party with other Filipino/American I was glad I went there with my husband and daughter. We’d stay until midnight and count down to welcome the 2014.

            Today, We just spend staying in the house and take a lot of nap before going to work tomorrow. It’s time for me to go back to work after taken a long holiday off. I wish, there’s another holiday because spending with family is the best feeling ever and it’s definitely a memorable moment to celebrating Christmas and new years 

The other day I picked 12 kinds of fruits for preparing new years traditional of Filipino/Philippines. It’s my first time to done it by myself in state. I’ll been so curious about it when I was young. I was seen my mother doing it this every year. So, this year I give a try to put some fruits in the table especially in our new house. My mother and husband was impressed what I doing…. Anyway, we all love fruits especially fresh.

Welcome to 2014. Kids are so cute. They also had fun last night with other kids. My daughter enjoyed playing and eating food. Of course, if where is the party is always there a lot of foods and always taken photo’s.

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