Thursday, October 18, 2012

General Dollar

 Hi Lovelies!

       Going to Shared some goodies from General Dollar in under $10. well! I am just very curious Mom.

Suave- the professional sleek anti-frizz cream for only $3. It has a nice scent and I like it.
      My Hair is so natural; isn't curl and not straight either. I found that sometimes my hair so dry when it to much around in dust and get flyaway easily.
      This light weight cream, containing silk protein and vitamin E, helps day frizz-free look.


Degree Deodorant

    It is my first time using deodorant in my life. Sounds weird right? actually, I decide this summer to get started since I am often around people in school. when I works a lot I can feel definitely sweating. Just simply wanted to have clean feeling and avoid anythings that isn't comfortable to you.

Fruit of the Earth E- vitamins---- It is a day and night facial cream. This is the best cream Ever! I Started using it a couple of months ago and I completely hooked up because I have very sensitive/Dry skin  and it work pretty well to me. It is very inexpensive for  $3 super value pack

Have you try anythings New?

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