Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolution.

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              Its time to make a list for New Year resolution. I know, easy to make one but hard to do even a basic routine of our daily activities. To be honest, am not perfect on anything’s. I often fail of my own rules, ha-ha but if you choose not to…. well, wishful thinking never hurt anybody.

             I start thinking what to do on my future ahead. I do have so many wishes to be done and wanted to get all success. I will try as I can by depending also, what God gives to me. If don’t success the things that I wishing for. I have to accept it, is that not for me.

             Right now, here’s my New Year resolution list- feeling determined.

  1. Save money- I start this idea 52 weeks saving challenge. What I thought, might this idea help a little bit if I keep going? I really need to save money because I want
    • A plane ticket- wanted to go visit my family in Philippines.
    • I wanted to gift my mom a washing machine, new TV, video player and mobile phone has a connection to face book, email, skype, so that I can talk to her anytime. 
  1. Spend time with daughter and families
  2. Start organizing my time and followed a daily schedule.
  3. Start exercise
  4. Limit myself to going a face book, candy crush, (might, 3x in a week after done the schedule or whenever is free.)
  5. Cook at home more often and learn American cooking.
  6. Grow a simple garden on summer.
  7. Pick up a new hobby (read book, blog)
  8. Grocery shopping-one’s a month) avoid looking a beauty aisle and clothes
  9.  I want to get a class in spring
  10.  Drink more water or tea instead coffee and coke
  11.  Eat healthy food
  12.  Sleep 8 hours or soo everyday and avoid stress
  13. Listen to my favorite music and more
  14. Bubble bath twice in a month (give extra myself pampers)
  15.  A date trip- bring daughter to kids museum, zoo and have more family fun date.
  16.  Send her a swimming lesson on summer.
  17.  schedule a regular date night on my calendar with hubby.
  18.  Give up eating sweet
  19.  Start playing my favorite sport.
  20.  Watch less TV
  21.   Stop over thinking.
  22.  Keep a cleaner house
  23.  Encourage my daughter more
  24. Star believing in myself.
  25.  Create special times with those closest to me.
  26.  write letters to people in my-life to let them know what they mean to me.
  27. Plan a trip to a place i have always wanted to go.
  28. try to be a good daughter and daughter in-law
  29. Be happy and nice often.
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