Monday, January 13, 2014

Little Rock

Hi Love; I feel such excited writing this in my blog about what a wonderful weekend with us here in Arkansas. The weather was perfect. So, last Saturday we did a little trip to little rock with family. My husband had appointment to this art guy has interests of my husband piece sculpture that they want to put in the university art show.

We met the guy in person and he sounds nice. The building we were in is a lot of art, pottery and after they organize things we head out to the local Korean restaurant for lunch and of course, I don’t want to left little rock with out grocery in Asian store. So, here’s all what I got and spent $170 with 100 pounds of rice ad other items, such a fish, vegetable, noodle, blue crabs, sauce and many more…. Its been a while I haven’t shop Asian store I totally feel was in heaven and happy that hubby bought a tons of goodies for me.

We also were in hurry to get back home so husband can watch his football games. He did it make which is late a couple minutes. And, I cooked blue crabs for us dinner but only two person ate. It was daughter and I only ate crabs. Hot coco and cassava for snacks and baked smoked fish (Milkfish).

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