Wednesday, January 15, 2014


                    I heard so many advice there’s no age limit to go back school and isn’t yet late to start. Here I am, I took their advice and actually yesterday is my first day in class. I was graduate college 2005 in Philippines. And, this semester I decide to get back school after nine years. I feel already this going to be tough for me in college. I met few of my classmates and my expectation was this class will lot from foreign country but I was wrong: most of them are there native to speak English and Americans. One of my classmates he took twice already just this subject. So, when I got home from class. I talking myself maybe, I got a wrong class but wasn’t. I’m about feeling discourage my grammar, sentences, spelling and also, I’m not good in essay.

                   Now, I looked online for my textbook.  Evergreen textbook is one of my requirements in this class. Hoping next week but the books price is little pricey about $100 bucks or so. Meanwhile, my husband helps me a lot. He looked up this book online and he downloads it to my tablet. But, waiting to get the book because, I can carry it anywhere and read it when is free time. Tablet also well but I don’t get fight getting the wireless connection. Sometimes is hassle too when is low battery.

                 I don’t have yet major unless if I complete this foundational composition in writing and reading. Of course, I have to take an algebra examination but depending of how much you get from test because, they only decide which course you going to except if you get a great score from exam. To be honest is little bit hard. I am a slow learning, working my job 8 hours, a mom and wife and also financial… at least one free class is help myself to start, who knows. Someday, maybe this is my chance to get a master degree.
               If there’s anyone own this book. Let me know, please ^-^ hope not very pricey. I need it for this semester.  The book is Evergreen 10th edition. Thank you guys for reading. I am little bit of worried L  

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