Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yahoo chat w/ my mother

                     I’m officially gone back to work last Thursday and Friday after holiday off. It wasn’t fun for the two days at work because to much things to catching up. Even though so busy and was tiring Friday night, I still feel excited talking with my mother in online chat.  Thankfully the Internet connection in island where she live was nice but except the headphone it wasn’t working right. I can hear her voice but she wouldn’t heard us even we talking so loud. At least we saw her enough in camera.
                     I miss her so bad and my family. My daughter was happy when she saw her grandma online. She called grandma Philippines as a mama Lola. And her grandma in state called Mimi.

                    We talked on phone and chat online sometimes. I wish she know how to used the computer and do it skype instead but she still hard time, getting in yahoo mail because also she doing a lot of busy thing in the island. She was taking cares of her another two grandchildren, Avon and little bakery business of family. So that her, super woman! She does my inspirations.

                   My Mother is my best friend. If I could, I want to take her anywhere I go. But, there’s also family who needs her help and I don’t want to take her away from them. I am also thinking she not going to like a cold place and far from family and relatives. 

                   All matters now, my family live close each other even I am one who lives a thousand miles away but they still thought about me/us here. I have my own family. My husband, my daughters are big blessed in my life.
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