Tuesday, January 21, 2014

color of my lip.

Finally, My husband bought a book for my class. Which is so pricey for one semester. One thing, we decide to buy it than renting because, I do scared how if, it’s too much to think negative comes out in my head. The price of book to rent is 49 and if you buy its. It cost $ 74.07 with tax. To make it sure, we buy it and sale it again later when is done using of this book.

I had three days weekend off. Spend reading chapter and of course, stay home since a lot of thing to do around the house.  Today, just all got back to work and school. And, today is going to be long day around the town. I was getting out from house at 3 clocks in the morning and I am still here waiting for my daughter to get out from school for her dental appointment. #selfie me with favorite lip color.

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