Wednesday, January 22, 2014

cold day

I want this weather to get over. But, today here is below freezing which I do not understand sometimes. Last week, the sunshine come out that everyone enjoying and we thought is going to be spring and now, suddenly turn too much cold day.

Still look sunny outside but once you step out. You can stand the wind blowing and cold. I wrapped myself before I got out from house because, I can survive that cold. Anyway, someone told me we should not complain because the other state had 10 inches on snow and only we get is cold.

You believe me or not. When is cold weather I love to eat and I have to cook much food. And, here’s my food. I ate them alone, just kidding.

My daughter’s friend had an American doll. Do you think, it good idea to give her one? She is going turn 8 this coming month. I mean her age fit getting this kind of doll? I’m just scared how if out of grow and American doll is seriously expensive.  Any advice please ^_^

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