Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall fiesta & Pink Month

                           It's been busy lately some few errand of myself to accept new job and trying to get adjusting for anythings. I can do it even how hard it is, just always think positive especially my future with family.
Battery for my pink digital Camera. that's was my  x-mas gift in 2008 when I was window shopping in store, you will see a lot of pink for breast cancer awareness. so really need battery of my daily used, lol.

She love everything with pink, that's my daughter. her first favorite color.

Wristbands is pretty cute pink with faith Print. I had this from work and was wearing about a week now. as a showing your support for breast cancer. 

I found it in my closet while digging all stuff inside storage. Like wearing pink soft in my nail.

We had a good time this past weekend. Went to Fall Fiesta in our place. they had so many-things there but most exciting is she ride a little fairy-wheels and when it's almost done. they are all stock up inside because got a mechanic problems.  while were exploring a car contest, this car with pink color  is for breast cancer awareness from coka- cola brand. if you seen fall Fiesta they had a old Car from 1914, that was amazing huh!...

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