Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fiona Night

                  A little post to show my newest pair fiona night.  This is my first ever to have own  5 inch & 1/1/2 platform  high, black and gray w/silver high heel sandal from payless. honestly, I don't like when I first saw it in store because how I manage to walk w/it? but couple minute shopping, happy to got it than nothing. the fact is, they don't carry much my asian 5-size foot  and that's a hard time for me.
                  In my small town they have a department store name a Carnival shoes and we went down there to look some pair  shoes, sandals and really, found one that I in- love with but it doesn't fit at all So we decide to went back payless and grab this fiona night for last minute but really comfy when I try it on...

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