Sunday, October 2, 2011


                   This is Organic egg from my husband friend in school. they have a chicken farm. We got a order first and later next day she will sent it to you personally. when he brought it home. he also say, SURPRISE I bought you a dozen eggs and hope you not homesick again. One thing I like organic is different and main thing  it's remain me when I was  live in a mountain in Philippines.  I bowl a egg and that most my favorite when I was a little kid.
                    I don't know, Makes me feel home to see this organic egg. usually in the store is white egg is common here in state but because also I grew up w/organic egg in Philippines. hahaha, so funny but be honest to you.  when I was five years old and live in mountain.  our meals is always bowl egg, bowl vegetable, noodles w/egg but no was complain especially myself, love my mom cooked.  we ate what we had in our garden.

Sunny side-up

Fried Egg

There's a hundred way to cooked egg. it's up to you what the most you feel to eat....
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