Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

                Happy Halloween everyone! My daughter halloween costume from 2008 to 2011. I totally was surprise that how the way they celebrate  halloween here in state and Kalag-Kalag called from foreign  country in Philippines.  it's way different, I know there's a story behind and respect both side.

Kalag-Kalag- The Filipino tradition of visiting relatives to lovingly remember their departed loved ones. In most part of the country, it is known as all saint day and all soul's day.    I believe that we can remember our lost loved ones anytime that we choose to, just by thinking of them. this is usually done in my family during Kalag-Kalag in Philippines.

* Bringing Flower
* Light candles
* Offer Prayers
* And spent to prepared some food for family visitor.

Halloween- is so much fun in state. wearing costume-party, pumpkin / Jack-0-lantern decoration, trick-or-treating activities.

                                 Little Pumpkin, Our only Halloween decoration in the table.

My daughter halloween costume:  

Oct: 2008. Her first halloween Costume is a pumpkin jumper w/ a pumpkin basket.  
                                            Oct, 2009-   2nd halloween costume is a puppy dog jumper.
                                        Oct, 2010 ----3rd halloween costume as a Princess Cinderella

Traditionally Halloween costume is really looked scary but since from the beginning, I give dress up my daughter as a Princess and She wearing pinkadelicious costume this year 2011. 

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