Thursday, October 6, 2011

rice, rice, rice lately

I had a good time with my mother-in-law. we both enjoy cooking eggroll. I teach her how to make a eggroll so she can teach her friend that who very interested to learn.

Have you been noticed. sometimes you eat to much carbohydrates .
           thats' me, rice rice rice lately.  Rice will never end every meal and I still in-love with it forever.

My story why decide to come here in United State of America. My husband was brought me here to be with him   and before I say YES, I ask him one thing,   your country have a rice? or your home w/family agreed to eat rice?   and he answer " OF COURSE" that was a silly question from me and my husband showed a sack of rice of his kitchen cabinet and finally I answer " I DO I AM COMING W/YOU" that was fiver years ago since then He teasing me a lot that he told to all his friend I AM PROUD MY WIFE IS PURE FILIPINA.  if no rice she will not be happy.

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