Friday, September 30, 2011

**Grandparents Day**

          Grandparents day,  In school they do invite all grandparents to attain  lunch with grandchildren. My daughter told her mimi to go ate lunch with her but we figure out that its gonna be crowded in parking lot. We finally solve to get together for dinner  instead lunch so now going to rest and plan for tomorrow Yardsales and Deep Cleaning house

Were match Mimi ( That's my daughter say to her Grandma ). they are both surprise when she take her jacket off and took photo together.

My daughter proud of her new t-shirt for school trip and they are color coding, hahaha That's a Kindergarten color this year. 

Honey maid cracker sponge-bob and book about Barbie valerina. Gift from Grandma for grandparents day.

Last day of september and when we woke up tomorrow it will be October.  Can believe it, days so fast...
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