Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor day

               I had a wonderful day. Meeting mom, husband and friend in Vietnamese restaurant  & ate a good food there. after lunch,  Mom & I head out to shopping in K-mart and Tj's Max. they do start a labor day sales in this weekend. I was looking a shoes but unfortunately can't find a good size for my feet. they are way to big.

               I have a work this weekend even during labor day.  So Daddy and daughter can spend each other   around in the house. I am so glad that they dont have school in  three days.....

            can't take it anymore. the heat outside make you sick. I wanted to hang out in porch but hot is annoying me. isn't fun, right?

Sept- 03-2011

             Went work but suddenly feel uncomfy.  I don't understand if it is toothache, headache so I told them that I better to go home and get some rest. lucky that day,  i have a good friend to let me home for the day so they can cover up. when home finally, i get directly to go bed in my daughters room and  nine hours didn't noticed I was sleep that long during day but still was feel so tired.


             I get up early in the morning and ready to went work. everything is ready but hubby told me not to go work because still look I'm sick. I said, no I feel better if i go to work and get over it this system. I know, I was so stress so tonight I will went to bed early

            mmmmm I order shoes in online. feel guilty now, i didnt tell husband. two pair of shoes that I order.

we had a good dinner tonight with mom and My Step-son.... pork steak, corn and rice, water melon...  

             Happy Labor Day everyone :-)
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