Friday, September 16, 2011


         Finally we got rain here.  We been waiting it for so long and couple of days it will be a autumn.  The weather is just about right, isn't freezes.  if I could, I want to go outside a take a bath this water from fallen sky. I recall, when i was kid...I invite some of my friend to played outside while it's raining but here in state, you never see  kids running around in street and  They are usually in school, daycare or house w/bunch of electronic toys and right now in high tech even you don't have playmate you can fun watching Tv by yourself.

Here's some a silly photo of my daughter. One day. she worn daddy t-shirt & pant and said, (woke up sleepy head and time to go work) and daddy said, (I can't because you wearing my shirt & pants) and she answer back, oh common you can dig-in another clothes because I want it to play w/it.

                                  she's trying us to get attention which is just silly.

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