Friday, September 9, 2011

dry Fish, Rice, eggs, tortilla

 I have two more days work this weekend and off on monday & tuesday. I am tired seeing mean people  around at work. But as long I done a good things I will happy with it.

 going eat favorite food for dinner and chatting with family.

You'll Have a good weekend :0

                                                       .. Dry Fish w/ Rice..

(Organic Chicken eggs). it is fresh egg  from farm.  He got surprise me, one day when I saw it in freezer. he told me that is from his friend  to give for you(me). She know that I am asian and grow up in the mountain and i didn't see it in a long time since I'm in state so I was so surprise and happy. 

My husband bought it in mexican restaurant. I ate one of tortilla because the seasoning was so spicy. 

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