Saturday, December 28, 2013

Food trip for me

I want to make sure, next year I will cook healthy food. One of my new year resolution. 
       Cake pop, so sweet of my daughter best friend who gives this to us. And also very yummy ^_^ my daughter got a lot vedio movie to watch. They actually from her best friend too.
         During Christmas my daughter recieve a pop corn gift from her Mimi. 
            The girl spent played 2 days at the house. So, we decide to bring them lunch at McDonald since they request the happy meal for kids. 

           Finally I cooked filipino food. I know, some of my family don't liked me to cook inside the house because they don't like smiley fish. But I am happy when they are okey for me to cook this kind of fish. Maruya- is a filipino snack that I been wanted to make some this year.

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