Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Triple Birthday Parties

         I Took My Birthday Holiday Off: Last Friday, Aug 3rd was really Fun for us to celebrate 'n triple birthday parties. Both had a great time with family and Friends. Talking, Eating, Taking picture :-)  is also best entertainment for each other. So, I am  now officially Twenty Nine Years Old that I feel super happy to admitting in public, Amazing :-) nothing to ashamed of Just being myself.
In the Parties, I brought  my new camera for purpose to taking photo's and I'll been carry it whole day but the matter  of fact, I enjoyed talking w/everyone there that's why I totally forgot.  My friends had a photo's of me when she post it in facebook, I just good in tagging, hahaha. 
        Ariana 3, Evelyn 36, Me 29- Those are lucky number :-) Friends, Husband and Family are always like joking with me. one or two years from now. It will be out of  number from the calendar. 
        First of All, Thanks God for all the blessing  These things happen because of your to generous and kind to me, everything's especially My precious life is one the biggest  gift that your ever give... Thanks to my husband and Mom who gift a New Camera that I ever wanted. Paula and Dennis our next door neighboor- They are sweet friend and all Filipina friends in state, I thank you too.  My Adorable daughter love to opened my gift.
        We cooked plenty of food in our parties. I made filipino styles, pancit canton, fried rice, adobo and chopchoy.  Cake Pop, Fruits, Maja Blanca and Strawberry with chocolate dipping for dessert. Kid's love all kind of sweet :-) And My Friends cooked different food but also a Filipino Styles. These party, I got big Surprise of my husband attitude, hahaha, lol.  He started to ate a Filipino like Adobo and Calderita . all I know, he was picky. Yes. I do- Proud for him so when we move to the Philippines He will adjust much easier.

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