Saturday, August 11, 2012

Disney & Pixar Brave

Hi Sunshine!

         I get started like to say Sunshine for everyone. I definitely can tell out side is super sunny. This summer, we ever hardly get rain here. Need Rain-that's we strongly wish for, even once a week only. isn't normal if you see the plant's look super dry. I didn't mean to complain but there's plants or person also suffered.I got often headache and unhealthy heat annoying. When I am inside the building is really cold because of the A.C on and outside is very hot.
         My Husband still took a Road trip to San Angelo Texas with Filipino Friend. He Just move there for new job teaching That's why Husband kind nah like to helped him moving and also he wanted to meet his old friends Ben Sum.  Daugther and I both stayed with my Mother-in-law house while My husband in trip and while I am at work too.So daughter and her grandma Day.

--- I come home at Mom house and finally see My Step- daughter visiting with us. Were both happy  seeing w/her  and have lunch together. We miss her since she didn't often can come...She was stayed couple of hours with us talking.
--- I called and  asked favor to my friend, to buy a Milk fish, Fried fish, sticky Rice and Calderita Mix since they going to the Asian Store. I am excited to pick up on Sunday :-)

Friday- aug-10-2012
---Glad is Friday- Sent text message to my friend in NJ to greet her HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She is one of my close friend, only different is live far each other. communication through online, lol. Just sent message to her cell phone since she still have work in hospital.
--- I call my husband to early this morning. I told him, checking on you if what up you'll doing guys, he just give a big laugh being goofy wife... Miss him
---Girl's out for movie :-) My Mother-in-law, My Daughter and I went to the Disney and Pixar brave movie. So cute. I am glad we going we're both enjoying it and Again, only three of us inside in movie theater, feel like special, hahaha.
--- I left my camera in the house. So no taking photo again....

Picture  from Google
Gotta love Brave for keeping it interesting. three of us only inside the movie theater. cool huh! I like to go in Matinee movie is $5 so the way, your not long line up. Also, the lesson were teach to my daughter: who is the first best friend in the whole world wide?  (Mom)- She did answer pretty well :-)

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