Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just Today

Hi Sunshine!

          I woke up very early as a usual at 3 O'clock in the morning. if it is contest, I won already huh:-).  True, when around also 3 o'clock in the afternoon  I feel begin sleepy and usually went sleep at 6 o'clock after watching a TV show.
          I doNe Quite a Lot of tHings today.  Farmer Market, Goodwill, cooking and cleaning.

                I went with My Mother-in-law to the Farmer Market. I haven't buy any but this is what I got from Mom. She shared to us the tiny Oranges, Peach, cucumber. They are so fresh and juicy.

I cooked Broccoli for my daughter. she ate it all. next time, I better  buy more of vegetable 

This Sweet Suage so juicy. I do like it with fried rice. A Filipino Styles sausage 

Here's few I found pants, blouse, shirt from goodwill store. My Husband back from long road trip: finally were at home together but Poor baby, He really exhausted  So, Night Night Everyone.
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