Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pop Up Camper

           Hello Ladies, How are you all doing? I am quite busy lately. Yesterday, My husband pop up camper is already sold. I know, He gonna Miss it so much but We can't keep it forever since Pop up camper wasn't using in such a long time and not good, if we let all the time in our drove way park. that's why, He decide to clean and paint.

These whole view of pop up camper. My husband own this in a long time ago before I came into his life. Seriously,  sold very fast. He post it in online 06/26/12 and  Sold in June 27,2012.  Only picture left from memories of our camping trip last 2008 but so unforgettable and Was really enjoying that experience with family.  

I seen several styles of Camper. they are from small to huge: almost alike a Motor house and You can also drive them  for road trip. Pop up camper is cool- it can be collapsed for easy storage and transport. when set up, this type of tent trailer have a large, fold out beds and plenty be to sleep for family and friend.

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