Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello Dear :-) I'm gonna say, goodbye to peach and green apple tree in our backyard. My husband and step son are been doing general cleaning outside. I do miss this peach tree in spring because of the flowers and branches so much fun to climb and in our four year having this tree. photo's only can tell the good memories  left we had.  My husband have so many reason why we decide to cut down these tree.  He said, the battle is over. We was trying to save both of these tree but even spraying chemical and different way of tree treatment. Disease wouldn't go away We have a problem with the fruit rotting on the tree before they are ripe. It starts out like a bruise, them spreads to the whole fruits. Peach fruits fall off the tree on their own so were already tired raking a rot fruit in the ground and also smell disgusting Plus strong storms broke all the tree branches of apple goes chop wood area

About three weekends ago.  I saw 3 blue bird eggs underneath of apple tree.  They are so cute.  Our Apple tree broke into pieces because of storm last year. So really small tree. 

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