Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

I got tagged from  K.Lee from the bottom of my heart, Thank you very much Dear :-)

                           7 Random Facts
1. I am a working mom and supportive person especially family.
2. Still Dreaming to have own house in future
3. I have a beautiful  and cute daughter, everything I am so proud of her.
4. My daughter laugh when she heard me spoken my  own language.
5. Happy and excited for my daughter. she have two teeth growing and soon a first grader.
6. I do practicing baking cupcakes and cakes and more
7.  Husband and I just celebrate a 4 years married.

Sorry if I post this delay. I quite done busy to taking care of family.  thinking of your tag all the time.... Hope you still the same, stay sweet and be happy. take care :-) Arceli
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