Friday, June 8, 2012

Love to Do

Hi Dear :-) 

           Something new that I love to experiment. These my First time baking ever. cupcakes, meat pie, cake pop and Pan de sal Bread.  

First cupcakes that I made and feel happy when you get it perfectly.   A Chocolate cup cake with a Peanut butter cream frosting is really delicious.  Hubby describe my cupcakes,looks like a volcano and Chocolate hills.

Oh my, I put to much decorate. isn't easy at all to control for the first timer, like me.  More Practice later soon and also really fun

My Meat Pie turn pretty good but only issue is hubby said, my dough is hard and to sweet. he is not fun of sweet, lol.  going to redo my dough again.

     This is the best way to create. so funtastic that I ever seen my daughter decorate and did a good Job.

Pan de sal-  (A salt Bread). I don't know if you heard this kind of bread but I do, Since when I kid it is my all time favorite. First think in the morning is hot coco or milk with pan de sal.  the only don't have with my pandesal is bread crumbs and special materials to slice, is really look different because, I made it in one minutes think and don't have a good materials around with me. Anyway, I am  shamed to show this to my family but I didn't regret it because this is my first time to made by myself.

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