Monday, June 18, 2012

drugstore Hauls


 I found something recently product that I bought from two drugstore in my town, walgreen and US drugstore.  Sometimes, I like special trip to go in store for window shopping but got tempting buying new stuff that I love to try.  These product I got from US drugstore. wet 'n wild single eye-shadow is only $ 1.99 each and Gold bond moisturizing lotion  I haven't try yet I will review it again  after couple of days using, will see the result first, lol.

While in the walgreen had a awesome deal. I grab the best opportunities to stock up  of two Yes-to carrot's facial cleanser even I didn't finish one yet but why not to stock up, for some reason is only $ 3.18 each compare to the regular price. This wet 'n wild nail polish is buy 2 get 1 free but one mint I had it a couple of days that's why decide to get another three colours.  Eos hand lotion is $3.99 for this small product but smell good for summer & real moisturizing too but I wasn't to think to get it because I have a 2 dollars off for only eos product. of course, sunscreen lotion for baby. this is nice for my daugther in summer.

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