Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day


        Cheers To All The Mom out there and to My Best Mother in the whole world I salute you for everything. I am not who I am today without you and Thank God for everything that he do. I love you Mom...happy mothers day everyone!!

We was ready to head out for trip.  These outfit that  shown here.  I loving so much blue Plus my Mother in-law flower is so much attractive my day.
t-shirt- walmart
Dress- Goodwill
Boot- charloot Russe

A Mother's Day Gift from husband

Daughter's handmade for my gift- So really sweet

Our Mother's Day Lunch at Mother-in-law house-that was so amezing food. My husband Charge to cooking for me and mom-  Thanks for him

this is my mom flower's from one of her son- 

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