Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 Chocolate drink would be great in hot day.  I can feel summer here already because usually we got  90 degree outside and very sunny. I drove to the store, looking for ice-cream but I got nothing because ice cream a bit pricey.

    I noticed a lot today especially my husband real busy making a grade ready but some of you still studying and more exam a head, So study hard for good result. My kindergarten student is school will end soon, hope she going to the first grade on aug and myself, trying to work hard. save up money for house. I really disappoint with it because  I can't enroll myself as a dental assistance because beside I can't afford everything in here.  I don't wanna loose my time with family especially to my daughter. isn't easy really I miss my family back home if they are here with me I am sure, a little bit okay because they can watch my daughter and do some work at home but oh boy,  I just dreaming.......

My upset was over. I voice that out and now feel nice.  He going to the doctor for high-blood pressure and get new medicine and I hate my allergy  it cause of trouble, headache and itchy skin.. That's was unhealthy week for us.

Hope you'll have a good evening :-) good night..

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