Friday, May 18, 2012


Grrrr, Isn't fun when you and your kid got sick. It's gonna be hard weekend for us.  She had allergy, coughing and ear infection,  from a doctor prescription anti-biotic for 10 days so haven't problems that giving her a anti-biotic medicine because it's pink and taste sweet but she hated one of her medicine I can't blame her I taste it too and taste horrible. Can be a challenge for us as mom, A happy meal food is save my day. made her take medicine and ate favorite food that her most favorite inside the box. 

Everyone love Pizza, Right? because My Husband and My Mother-in-law  really love Pizza daily and different flavor.  last week, I stopping hard food because of my gum so hurt. 

Pancake breakfast for her. She pleased asking this menu, lol. I know, kids does love a sweet treat in the morning. I can't say No because I do love to cook for this quick and easy mini pancake.

I know, you'll have already idea if what it is for? Night Guard for me since last week, I been suffering this gum hurt in my lift side. do you have any tips about teeth grinding. how it this go away? 

In my Own observation, kind a works well for me but feeling weird  in the same time. I still adjusting 

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