Tuesday, May 8, 2012


        Hi Sweetie,
                     Just a Typically Tuesday afternoon with my lovely family now. It Might you noticed, some of you are excited going to graduation. well, This year My Step Son. He gonna graduate finally after five years in college. We are so Proud for him even he didn't feel to walk or attending a actual graduation ceremony. he choose to travel work in other country soon when  all paper done.
                     Okey, Let change the  topic about what I got, VS pink Lotion. During  My Mother-in-law trip in army base at Virginia beach. She was remember me that's why she bought another one of Pink collection. The good hydration lotion, Smell is last quit awhile  and moisturizing.
                     I Thank all this to Mom. I love a floral  for Summer  $12-  500ML/ 16.9 FL oz
                                                                             Pretty and Pure
 My mother -in-law bought this during our summer vacation last year and still haft full . The smells so pretty with pure Jasmine and pink lemonade. 
                                                                           Sweet and Flirty
This is recently also from My Mother-in-law- The Smells So Flirty  with Sugar  Berry  and Pink Grapefruit. 

This is what look like of PINK Lotion of VS ( Drenched In)

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