Friday, May 25, 2012

hate it

Hi Dear! I called these unhappy month of May because family and I both are sick.  My jaw gum was hurt so bad cause of grinding teeth at night and Ear infection. In the same my daughter situation she had also fever, cold, allergy, nose bleed. I'm truly freak out everytime to see blood from her nose. it's not only once but really several times happen. but doctor said, it cause of dryness clement or picking nose. During bedtime, we have to put her a Hand-gloves, a little of ointment vaseline in her nose for protecting touching face too or over dry.  Last Saturday, Were all got up in the middle of night. I heard my husband uncomfy  sound been hurting left side of stomach and He told me  to go drove for him in emergecy hospital and when were at hospital I saw myself in the  big mirror, still wearing night night gown that should be embarrassing? if anyone recognize me there but oh well, who cares.  were at in the middle of hurry. It's a nightmare seeing my husband was painful. Doctor said and X-ray result he got three kidney stone, one pass out but still 2 tiny in there. 


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