Tuesday, May 15, 2012


        Hi Dear! I know, I am getting slower  blogging. It's because to many things that I keep working  each day for family. On 25th of May is the last day of my daughter kindergarten and I don't want to send her at daycare. I can afford but, thinking I need to save money to move back to my country for good. The good things in this summer My husband will be a Daddy-sitter to her is would list me worried about it or sometimes can spent with her mimi because I still do have to go work every day.

                 Suppose to be sad because I don't have a summer vacation but anyway, this flowers from our garden keep me happy and excited to see them blooming. I feel mostly hurry to come home, so that I can watering the plan. sometimes, my body so tired. My daughter who volunteering to give water to the plan or she and I have a garden together in the afternoon.

            My husband pick some flowers  from garden for Mom in Mother's Day. She was so happy

                              This wild grass with lot's of white flowers at Mom yard..


            Purple and Pink flowers I got this in mother-s day from our next door neighbor.  They love also gardening. We are both sharing the things 

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