Saturday, May 5, 2012

All day long

~~~ Hello Everyone~~~
       I promise myself to get sleep more in weekend and relaxing but I broke those promises, it's already habit woken up early at 3 o'clock in the morning. Yeah, that's to early. I done few job around in the house. like, laundry, dishwashing, arranging things in every cabinet, dusting windows and sweep floor in living room. So, feel kind duh exhausted now.

Husband, Daughter and I went grocery shopping at walmart and finally saw photo's from last summer vacation that's been long stock in closet and I didn't bother myself to copy.  I got few things for baking ingredient and materials and ate simple dinner with Mom.

Since My Mother-in-law back from trip. We invite her to come over for dinner. It's been two 1/2 weeks not seeing her. Boiled shrimp, red potatoes, horseradish/ catsup for dipping and Rice/chicken for my little girl.  that was very perfect dinner.

 I took some photo of this Super-moon is look bigger and brighten So was amazing to see it. Everyone knows already why they called it Super Moon because it's closer to the earth than at any other

My daughter super excited to see a Super moon and everyone noticed her barefoot.  here she is with her favorite Dress.

After busy day. I feel to deserve one glass of sweet wine for relaxing. It might helps myself to get sleep early but dump almost 12 at night. can't go sleep yet.  insomnia 

wine for tonight
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