Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love saturday

It's wonderful sunny day but can't spent longer any minutes staying outside You might get Sun Burn and getting darker skin which is I hate the most.  Hiding from the sun isn't help but Sun block lotion is useful to any solution to avoid skin from danger  Cancer.

Like to went yard sales every Saturday in my day off . I bought some pant's, shoes for my daughter and some clothes for me too. She really happy to have a unicorn pillow pet, Just only $2 it's lucky day for us she was wanted to have one pillow pet last Christmas but this original price is still expensive . even it is  second hand but all is really look brand new they want to sell it because them kids is growing up.

I had Started gather my things for trip and were both get Ready for it. Feel all excited to go Louisiana, Virginia beach and Washington DC.

Tonight, my daughter stayed with her Mimi ( Grand Mother ) So she can spend night with her...We had a good dinner together and all was yummy. it's sad don't have photo w/it because my digital camera is running out of battery. We done also Puzzle a 100 pieces for my Five years old and her Mimi and Me help her too.

I am kind a sleepy now because I took venadrly for my allergy. This medicine remains me a lot to my daughter when she's so high-per  we had to choice her to get calm down and give some good sleepy at night too. like I do now, goodnight everyone
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