Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just about today

I had practice a lot driving today but still working on this backing, parking and parallel parking which is so hard for me. My Step-Son will going California for his Job in this Summer. So, it's gonna be a few months before to see him again but we are all happy for his Job.

My husband cooked mushroom stuff and that was so delicious. I told him, he should cook it often because everyone love it. I have also to write the ingredient so I can learn. He said to me, you learn so fast and he believe, every things the food he cook I can do it by myself but he told me too, when about cooking I am the one who  lazy hahaha and I said, kitchen isn't my favorite place. Yeah, I do cook once in a blue moon then he laughing to me.

I have no idea for father's day gift for my husband because same old same he told me He don't want anything.  but I am going to look store tomorrow, get some gift for him anyway. 

Ej having a good time with our next door neighbor they said, they want to borrowed  her for play bubble with them. Same happen, when she come home she is wet from water sprinkle. This couple, they don't have anymore kids in the house because them children are all growing up. I heard from my husband story from them that they have a daughter but when she is teen, she kill by car accident that's why they love so much my baby girl .....
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