Thursday, June 30, 2011

God only know's


        jUsT sTarting my three days  request off. I wish to enjoy it all but deep inside my feeling is there's worried hided, two day's ago My Grandpa is passed away the sad things Can't see him anymore and no more chance to see him even in his last journey in this world. Maybe he understood me, ( Grandpa I am far from family but you and my family is always near in my heart). If you see me, last night I had tears in my eyes That I feel deeply Missed you . All memories is remain in my mind forever that you are a good grandpa. The last I saw you about 6 years ago and I was Pregnant of baby girl & you showing a lot of care when i was there with you.  Your  was  around 80 ( Plus ) years of age and was still clime the coconut tree. for me to ate coconut fruit. I am proud that your my grandpa  We Loved you

         And also Wish me luck tomorrow I am going to take a driving test. Hope is not hard.... GOD ONLY KNOW And I will trust it all with him. Ill been practicing but its all hard maybe chance for me to take driving test since my day off of work... Night Night

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