Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Award

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Join this fun! Receive mine from  Anne Trinidad-Legson - Here You'll Find Me.

To be honest, I don't have that much follower's but I feel love blogging Thank you Anne for the sweet Award. Heres my answer to your question.  Hope it's okey sayo na sagot lang sa tanong e-post ko dito. Really I appreciate it  a lot

1. . If you are given the chance to change your name, what name would you choose? Why?
         Wow, if I could change my name. it would be Charity Grace or any as long a English name. Maybe because mostly my Friend in states had a hard time to pronounce of my name. so, little awkward. 

2.  Is there anything that could make you stop "blogging"? (as in stop talaga to the point na icoclose mo ung account mo...) what would it be?

         If there's anythings personal problems. like, nikawin ang identity mo sa ibang tao or sinisiraan ka. So, Reason   you don't have to stay in public. 

3.  What is your term of endearment for your special someone? Why or how did you came up with that endearment?

        In my Married Situation, we're both busy at work but doesn't mean you forgot your someone. before ako umalis sa bahay I express my feeling sa note, mag-iwan ako nang simple words to let them know na mahal na mahal ko sila kahit anong mangyari.  they are both love to read books so doon ko isisingit para mabasa nila for sure.  Family date sa weekend para mag get together. 

4. What is your favorite TV channel and why?

          As of now! My favorite realty show is kardashians family, Americans most wanted, food channel. They are so okey than scary..

5.What type of chocolate do you like/prefer? (white, dark, and the like...)

           I love Dark chocolate is more sweet to me.

6. In cases where there is a third party in your relationship, would you fight for the one you love or let him go? Or would you rather share him with another person?

         Defending on the situation. I am married to the man that would be forever I promise to fight  with it but if he don't have feeling with me anymore. it's better to let it go than keeping so no life miserable kahit masakit matotonan mo naman kalimutan. 

7. Are you a morning, afternoon, evening or midnight type of person?

          I am a morning person I get up very early in the morning to work. 

8.When you smell that your friend has a body odor or bad breath, would you tell it to him/her?
         I would definitely tell her/him even little bit to embarrass. but helping friend is a good way

9. Do you appreciate/understand abstract artworks?

           Yes! My husband is a art professor. he did explain it to his student even my daughter was three years old did a good abstract drawing. so, anyone can do. there no impossible to your talent as long you love doing it. 

10. White or red sauce?

           Red Sauce for Filipino spaghetti styles, lol. Miss na Miss ko tong pagkain..

11. What is Science? (bawal magconsult kay Webster, Google, etc.)

          You are so funny! You remains me a lot of my Mother when i was in  Elementary  kasi, yan din tanong nya, naalala ko hangang ngayon yong sagot nya   but  Science for me is very important to understand because there many problems that never solves if w/out experiments.
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