Monday, March 21, 2011


Big Smile for beautiful weather. hahaha to hot outside, arkansas right now is high in the lower 80.  Hubby take a nap in sofa while my daughter watching Ni-hao Kai-lan  cartoon and I try rest up my feet, it's been eight hour walking in hallways at work.

Nickelodeon Ni-hao Kai-lan in Tv show channel 23.  She speak english & Chinese. I  observe  My five years old daughter  make some words sometimes with me and I don't understand cause I am not a Chinese but her explain she got it in Tv. My neigh-boor next door who Chinese friend of us and fluently to speak Cantonese and mandarin and sometimes if we go visit  she just try teaching her some words, lol.

   Little bit confuse to her because she had babysitter who speak Spanish and start also counting number a spanish words: like ( uno, dos, tres, so-on and so ect :-)...)and I speak tagalog and also trying to teaching her some because few years we went back to my country and maybe she go school over there and  because would speak different language she have  still speech therapy, about one year now.....but her teacher said, she learn so fast and that's makes me hope so maybe she can go school this coming Aug....
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