Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One Day in december

It’s too much happening in one day here. I cooked a Filipino spaghetti sauce. Which is so easy to do if you have ingredients ready. I am so glad I have another sauce to make another batch since, everyone loves my spaghetti especially my daughter.

Nice to stayed at home. Nothing to be compare around with my loving family. My daughter is such a good girl and polite. My husband took a picture of our feet and he comment that my daughter and I had insactly the same size and she is only 8 years old. I believe my husband say’s because I did tries my daughter shoes and its feet really well.

My sister in-law lives in Virginia Beach and last Friday she told me. They had send a flowers for my mother-in-law Christmas gift and I been keeping secret about all weekend. When my mother-in-law receives I told her. I already know they sent you a flowers and I know it was from them. My mother-in-law thought I know in everything’s and I am a good to hide the secret that was my mother-in-law said to me. I have no idea why my sister in-law message me when they send her something. Just noticing it.

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